Delivery and Returns

Delivery – New Supply

The delivery term will be based upon the agreements reached between the customer and ESS. To comply with the delivery terms it will be necessary for all commercial and technical questions between the customer and ESS to have been clarified and that the customer has satisfied all of its obligations, eg approvals of specifications, agreed advance payment has been made, etc. Should this not be the case, the delivery terms may be extended accordingly. This will not apply to the extent that ESS is responsible for the delay.

Compliance with the delivery terms will be subject to correct and timely delivery of raw materials and supplies to ESS. We will update the customer immediately upon notification of any possible delays.

The delivery terms will be deemed to have been observed if the supplied items have left ESS factory or notification of readiness for shipment has been made prior to expiry of the delivery term.

Should failure to meet the agreed delivery term be caused by force majeure, strikes, lock-outs or other events beyond the control of ESS, the delivery term will be appropriately extended. This will also apply if a sub-contractor is subjected to such circumstances. Nor will the above-described circumstances be the responsibility of ESS if they arise during the course of an existing delay. Again, ESS will inform the customer immediately upon notification of such occurrences.

If the shipment is delayed at the request of the customer, ESS reserve the right to invoice the customer in full for the items and if applicable to charge the customer any storage costs incurred, commencing one month following notification of readiness for shipment.

The customer is required to inform ESS immediately following delivery or within an acceptable period following delivery of any damage or fault with the goods. After such period it will be assumed that the customer has accepted the goods and payment in full will be expected within the agreed payment period.

ESS shall retain title to the supplied item until any and all payments have been received.

ESS shall be entitled to insure the supplied item against theft, breakage, fire, water or other perils at the customer’s expense unless the customer provides evidence that it has taken out such insurance coverage itself.

Should the customer be in breach of the contract in particular in the case of payment default, ESS will be entitled to retrieve the supplied item following the issue of a warning notice, and the customer will be required to surrender the supplied item.


Delivery – Factory Repair

The Customer will be advised of the extent and cost of any repairs required for items returned to the factory for repair. Upon receipt of written order from the customer to proceed with the repair, and completion of repairs, the customer will be informed of the readiness of the items and will be asked to confirm their preferred method of return delivery.



Should you wish to return any items to the Factory for repair you must first contact ESS to obtain a return’s number. You will be required to provide information on the items to be returned and reasons for return. Advice can be provided on the best method of shipment and packaging.

Completion of a Declaration of Contamination will be required where applicable which must be returned to ESS (via email or fax) prior to the return of any equipment and a copy must be included on the outside of the packaging material.

All items must be returned in suitable packaging to ensure full protection of the goods during shipment.

The customer will be responsible for their goods during transit to ESS.

Repairs from outside the EU

If you are returning goods to ESS for repair, due to customs regulations for goods coming from out of the EU, you are required to ensure that the information on your return paperwork is correct. Please mark all shipping boxes/crates with our full address.

Please make sure that all paperwork states that the goods returned are:

“Goods are for repair and return under the simplified Inward Processing Relief (IPR) system”.
The simplified IPR No is IP 9999 999 99 and the customs entry code is 510001
ESS VAT No is GB979573054
If goods are not imported as IPR import duty is charged incorrectly and this will be passed on to yourselves.

For Mass Spectrometers the correct commodity code is 90 27 30 00

For any spare parts relating to Mass Spectrometers the code is 90 27 90 50

It is important that these codes are used to ensure correct customs entry into the U.K.