Field Power Pack

Portable power option for the EcoSys-P

The Field Power Pack from ESS is a useful add-on option to the EcoSys-PTM system, particularly in applications where there is little mains power available. It allows the user to operate directly from the 24V supply for a period of up to eight hours, which can prove invaluable in applications such as

  • Stack Monitoring
  • Remote area emissions monitoring
  • Remote area liquids sampling
  • Emergency Service Hazardous Chemical Identification

It is supplied complete with an in-vehicle charger, meaning that the power pack can be charged whilst the user is travelling to site, or this can be used to provide a top-up charge whilst the instrument is in use. Connection to the EcoSys-P couldn’t be easier, simply plug it into your EcoSys-PTM via the plug on the rear panel, and with up to 8 hours operation, now you really can ‘take the laboratory into the field’. For more information, be sure to get in touch today.

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