Quality RGA instrumentation

InSight™ from ESS offers high performance instrumentation for all RGA/UHV applications, and has a choice if three mas ranges; 1-200 amu, 1-300amu & a specialist 1-6 amu model for He/D2 studies. All of which has been specifically designed the following areas at an ultra-realistic price:

  • Ultra-High Vacuum RGA
  • High Vacuum Leak Detection
  • Surface Science
  • Molecule Beam Epitaxy (MBE)
  • Synchrotron Applications
  • MBE Studies
  • Materials Characterisation
  • UHV Applications
  • Other High Vacuum Studies

The InSight™ analyser head is constructed entirely from UHV compatible materials, and features a low surface area, open mesh ion source with low outgassing characteristics and twin thoria filaments. The mass filter is a precision ground quadrupole array aligned by high alumina ceramic collars, and at a length of 125mm, it provides excellent resolution and transmission characteristics. Detection is made by a dual Faraday Cup/Channeltron electron multiplier (air stable) detector, giving excellent gain, low noise characteristics and long term stability. The analyser is mounted on a 70mm conflat flange.

The RF Generator couples to the analyser by means of a 1.2m ‘elephants trunk’ cable, and is equipped with variable potentiometers for Resolution (high and low end) and Mass Scale (high and low end) as standard. The InSight™ controller connects to the RF Generator by means of a cable, and the controller houses the analyser and RF power supplies and USB interface. Front panel adjustment of the analyser parameters emission current, focus voltage, ion energy and electron energy are standard.

Constructed from the highest quality materials, the open mesh, UHV ion source has very low outgassing characteristics, precision mass filter and dual Faraday/ Channeltron/detectors. The InSight™ is a comprehensive, easy to use software package that is packed with a whole array of powerful features, and multiple units that can be controlled from a single PC. The instrument benefits from full control of ion source parameters, it is ideally suited to the above applications but can also be integrated into low budget system. Please contact us for further information.

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