Where Quality Counts…

Most companies and organisations value quality in personnel, products and services, ESS is no exception. We provide class leading instrumentation to the very highest standards and specifications. We work with you, our customer, to ensure you maintain excellence within your application and the cost of ownership of the instrumentation is quickly offset by cost reduction in the application itself.

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Welcome to ESS Ltd

ESS Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality Mass Spectrometer instrumentation for use in a diverse range of applications. Trading World-Wide, ESS has developed a unique range of Gas-Analysis, RGA and Linked technique MS products that is second to none.

Developing relationships with major global corporations and government authorities has lead to an expansion in our World-Wide presence and you can find representatives for ESS products in almost every country. ESS trades on our reputation for delivering “seamless solutions to real-world problems” through design innovation, product quality and excellent after-sales support.

Using the latest state of the art technology, ESS has developed several “world firsts”, such as the EcoSys
portable system and the first Quadrupole system to boast part per trillion detection level – the UniSys-M

This website is designed to give an overview of our products and services, for more detailed information
please contact us.