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European Spectrometry Services Limited    |    Process, Research and Environmental Mass Spectrometers

Factory Repairs

Factory Repairs

We have the complete range of specialist equipment to carry out repairs to not only our own products but most systems, at competitive prices.  We carry a large stock inventory for older instruments, and we are still supporting instrumentation that is over 20 Years old.

Instruments we can repair include: Masstorr, SX200, Monitorr, Sensorlab, Micromass, Micromass PC, Micromass 386, Quartz and some SXP/ SXP Elite models


Pump Refurbishments

We offer a full pump re-lubrication refurbishment service for turbomolecular pumps (Edwards EXT70, 80, Pfeiffer 60, 70, 80, 170 and 300 l/s models) and rotary vane pumps (Up to 3m3/h).   We also offer a diaphragm replacement service for diaphragm pumps.

For more information please contact us with details of your requirements 

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