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Mass Spectrometer System for TGA-DSC applications


ThermaSys™ from ESS provides high accuracy real time monitoring of Thermogravimetric and Evolved Gas Analysis applications. This Mass Spectrometer is specifically designed for TGA applications as well as DSC applications. This system benefits from years of research and listening to customer requirements. ThermaSys™ offers the ultimate in performance within a space-saving compact cabinet, allowing the system to be positioned next to the TGA apparatus, while the flexibility of Ethernet connection gives the user the ability to operate the system over a local area connection (LAN).

The ThermaSys™ is equipped with a specially designed high temperature capillary inlet as standard; its ultra-fast response time can track even the most rapid change in conditions, which can often be vital when determining the temperature of product release. The user can benefit from:

  • High Temperature Capillary inlet as standard (20ml/min standard, ‘low flow’ option of 10ml/min optional)

  • Analogue inputs – to record parameters such as weight loss/temperature on the same screens as gas composition

  • Integrated stop/start with TGA software

  • Simultaneous monitoring of furnace temperature

  • Ability to send data ‘live’ into other programs – data can be immediately exported into other formats e.g. TGA software

  • Fast response time – with a response time of 120ms, true real time monitoring of the process is achieved

  • Oil free vacuum system – Hydrocarbon free system ensures no interferences, with minimal maintenance required

With full software control of the vacuum system, all operating parameters can be adjusted directly from the PC.


  • Thermogravimetric analysis

  • DSC Applications

  • Material sublimation / desorption

  • Oxidation and reduction

  • Loss of volatiles

  • Materials characterisation

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