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Full analytical monitoring and control of trace impurities in gases


GasTrace™ systems from ESS have been specifically designed for the use of pure gas & gas mixture impurity monitoring. At ESS we offer the highest levels of performance coupled with powerful, easy to use software.

The GasTrace™ compatibility means it is able to monitor from several on-plant gas streams and coupled with an ultra-fast response time of just 120ms, gives fast, accurate analysis of multiple components (up to 64) in real time.

Features of GasTrace™ systems include:

  • Multiple inlet arrangements (up to 64), meaning that the user can monitor several process stages (e.g. ASU’s) ensuring good control and product integrity thus enabling efficiency to be calculated

  • Ability to monitor different species on different inlets

  • Full integration into PLC / control systems, allowing automatic control of gas feeds

  • Automatic switchover of inlets, with user definable sample times on each line

  • Data storage in individual files for each inlet, time and date stamped

  • Automated operation possible

  • Ultra-fast response time of 120ms, ensuring that all process events are captured

  • Real time monitoring of up to 64 gas species

  • Direct injection of sample gases directly into the ion source via membrane or capillary inlet

  • Fully Quantitative analysis (with calibration gas)

  • Extremely low detection levels

  • Remote stop / start function

  • Corrosive gases option

GasTraceTM is a highly cost effective solution and reduces the requirement for numerous discrete analysers significantly.GasTrace™ instruments can be linked to several points on the plant to provide direct feedback, monitoring and control of the Gas Phase composition.

ESS is proud to have worked with several leading packaged gas suppliers in bringing you this product dedicated to your application field. For more information, please talk to the experts today.

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