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The new and improved model of the EcoSys-P™, builds upon its already proven design and reliability. The EcoSys-P™ is a portable environmental monitoring instrument that allows our clients to operate their gas analysis application practically anywhere. Now with some significant improvements and additions over the previous model, EcoSys-P™ raises the bench-mark in portable Mass Spectrometers to an unprecedented level. The Mass Spectrometry systems now benefit greatly from being equipped with a membrane and capillary inlet arrangement which is unseen in an environmental application. The EcoSys-P™ is capable of sampling virtually any gas species up to 200 or even an optional 300 amu over a very wide range of concentrations. In its standard configuration, with the EcoSys-P™ you can:

  • Monitor up to 64 sample species in real time, either quantitatively or qualitatively

  • Generate time and date stamped results

  • Identify unknown elements

  • Operate the system from a remote location

  • Set alarm levels of any channel

  • Send data to other devices by Analogue outputs

  • Generate ASCII files for incorporation into other programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

  • Monitor to PPB levels in real time

The EcoSys-P is designed to be fully flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications. With this in mind, ESS has a variety of options available. Please see the brochure for more details or contact us today for more information.

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