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Fast multi vessel analysis of fermentation processes.


FermenTorr™ from ESS offers the very latest in Mass Spectrometry and vacuum technology giving fast, accurate measurements and control of fermentation processes and can document progress and ensure end-product quality. These systems can be fully integrated with the fermentation system software, meaning that the two packages can interact to give better control of the process. With its highly sensitive membrane inlet, FermenTorr™ is capable of monitoring a wide dynamic range from ppb to percent levels, and its compact footprint ensures that minimal lab space is occupied. It is highly cost effective solution for fermentation processes due to its ability to monitor several process vessels, and the powerful, easy to use software package gives full control of the process.

In applications where there is a requirement to monitor multiple fermenters, ESS

has developed the ‘Multistream’ ultralow volume auto sampler. With this

arrangement, sample gas is drawn from all the fermenter vessels all of the time,

with the sample from the specific vessel under measurement being diverted to

the Mass Spectrometer. This arrangement ensures that fresh, real-time sample

arrives at the instrument for analysis, and gives rapid switchover times between

sample points with minimal ‘dead-time’. Up to 60 sample points may be

monitored (these are selected in multiples of 10) and with 64 channels available

for species monitoring, FermenTorr™ gives maximum flexibility for all Fermentation

applications. Compatibilities:

  • Individual data storage for each sample point- time and date stamped data gives a true historical record of the process performance of an individual vessel.

  • User-definable analysis times on each vessel – this gives the user full flexibility, especially in instances where fermentation vessels are at different stages of the fermentation process. For example, it may not be necessity to have long analysis times on vessels that have just started ‘in process’, whereas those that are nearing the end of the cycle may require longer analysis times.

  • Up to 64 Gas Species – the rapid analysis speed of the FermenTorr™ system means that quantitative analysis of up to 64 individual off-gases may be performed.

  • High and low flow configurations – system may be configured to suit the application requirements.

  • Multiple vessel measurements – user specified, in multiples of 10, with rapid switching between sample points.

  • ESS precision Quadrupole Analyser with high pressure enclosed ion source – this offers excellent speed, sensitivity and stability with lover service intervals due to lower operating temperature.

  • On-Line calculation of Oxygen Uptake rate option

  • On-line calculation of C02 Evolution rate option

  • Full Process Monitoring – allows control points to be set and monitored

  • Data exchange with other programs with software integration

  • All metal vacuum system – ensures maximum integrity

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