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Process optimisation for pharmaceutical processes


The PharmaSys™ from ESS has been designed specifically for swift, online monitoring of solvent vapours & various other gas species, together with additional process parameters found in pharmaceutical applications. These systems offer unparalleled performance not found in any other instrument on the market when it comes to sensitivity, speed and flexibility. The simplicity of the use of the system is another great feature seen in the PharmaSys™. The PharmaSys™ gives you direct control of your drying process, increasing efficiency by up to 60% when compared to halting the process to perform manual loss of drying (LOD) tests. Other key parameters can be read by the PharmaSys™ such as temperature. This enables the drying status to be monitored alongside temperature. The systems that the PharmaSys™ offers are below:

  • Fast Response – giving users the most accurate real time monitoring available

  • User selectable sample times

  • Full report generation suite, including full statistical analysis

  • Data Storage in individual files for each sample point

  • Ultralow level detection

  • Automated report generation and printout

  • Designed for solvent process applications

  • Wireless operation options

  • LAN interfacing – instrument can be monitored / operated from outside hazardous areas

  • ATEX Rated

The PharmaSys™ systems are based upon ESS proven technology, with its unparalleled reliability record. The high sensitivity membrane inlet gives PharmaSysTM  a wide dynamic range of single ppb levels to 100%, and the high quality reporting suite is compatible with six-sigma modelling in generating process quality improvements, making it the system of choice in Pharmaceutical applications. For more information, be sure to talk to the experts today.

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