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Maximum sensitivity, Maximum performance Mass Spectrometer Systems from ESS

UltraTrace PPT

UltraTrace-PPT™ from ESS is the flagship instrument of our product range and gives a level of sensitivity and accuracy that is unbeatable and unparalleled. Designed specifically for ultra-low level detection of organic components, UltraTrace-PPT™ offers the user true parts per trillion level detection.

ESS uses a linked hybrid technique which combines the class leading EcoSys-P™ Mass Spectrometer with a Thermal Desorber. This method allows for rapid pre-concentration of sample gas with subsequent injection into the Mass Spectrometer, allowing organic compounds (e.g. Benzene, Toluene, etc.) to be detected at levels as low as 100 ppt (parts per trillion). For ultimate flexibility, the EcoSys-P can be easily removed from the system for operation as a stand-alone Mass Spectrometer if required.

Application Areas Include:

  • Ambient Air VOC’s

  • Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

  • Contamination Detection in Food Grade/Medical Grade Gases

  • Personnel Exposure Risk Monitoring

Gas entering the Thermal Desorber is stored on a cooled tube containing an adsorbent material. The volume stored is carefully controlled by Mass-Flow controllers. Sample to the MS is ‘stepped’ depending upon stored volume. Hence the greater stored volume, the lower the detection limits. Typically storing for 2 minutes gives c. 100 ppt volatile detection. 

Sample gas is transmitted from the TD to the MS via the high sensitivity membrane inlet of the EcoSys-P. This, in turn, passes directly into the ultra-gas tight ion source, where ionisation takes place. Thereafter sample gas is spectated by the quadrupole mass filter.

For non-organic species, these can be analysed directly by the mass spectrometer using a bypass arrangement for direct transfer into the EcoSys-P. For applications that do not require these extreme detection capabilities, the EcoSys-P can be used as a stand-alone MS, or easily removed to give the flexibility of a portable option. 

Apart from having a cryogen-free thermal desorption system, UltraTrace-PPT™ offers several other advantages, such as:

  • Wireless Remote Operation Option

  • Multiple Point Sampling – fully user adjustable – Up to 64 sample points

  • Unique data file for each sample point

  • Automatic Calibration Option

  • Long Distance Sampling

  • Unattended Operation

  • Removable EcoSys-P Mass Spectrometer

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