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Evolved / Dissolved Gases and VOC’s in Liquids Monitoring from ESS

Liquitorr Liquids Analysis

The LiquiTorr™ Liquids Analysis is an add-on option for our incredibly popular EcoSys-P and other products in our range. This enables the user to conduct real time quantitative measurement of dissolve or evolved gases and vapours in liquid samples. LiquiTorr™ uses permeable membrane technology, which acts as a barrier, allowing the dissolved gases to permeate into the MS, whilst preventing the liquid from passing. Its unique design gives LiquiTorr™ the capability to address a wide range of applications such as;

  • Hydrocarbon Fracturing (Fracking) liquid analysis

  • Oil/coal sands monitoring

  • Groundwater studies

  • Methane Production Control

  • Contaminated Water Courses

  • Remote Area Liquids Sampling

  • Emergency Service Hazardous Chemical Identification

  • VOC Monitoring in Liquids

  • He/D2 Measurements


Supplied complete with on-board peristaltic pump, sample gas is drawn through the LiquiTorr™ cartridge in which evolved gases pass through and into the Mass Spectrometer for analysis. An in-line particle filter (replaceable consumable) prevents blockage of the sample cartridge, while the natural enrichment properties of the membrane material make LiquiTorr™ extremely sensitive, particularly for VOC’s and Sulphur compounds. Sub-ppb level detection is possible for these analytes.

LiquiTorr™ is housed completely in a stand-alone enclosed unit, and sample liquid is continuously circulated through the unit. Agitation of the sample is not required. An integrated optical shut-odd sensor protects the mass spectrometer at all times, ensuring fail-safe operation, and its rugged design makes LiquiTorr™ suitable for field and laboratory studies alike. Our experts will be happy to talk to you about your application and will always endeavour to not only meet but exceed your requests and requirements.

To download further information please see below:

Download LiquiTorr Datasheet

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