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Multi-species monitoring for safety critical plant, process and personnel exposure


The Envirosafe™ from ESS is used to detect, track and monitor real time accidental emission of hazardous substances, and with multiple sample point capability, this enables monitoring of the whole plant from a single system, safeguarding plant personnel.

Envirosafe™ allows for multi-species monitoring that constantly monitors plant

safety, tracking any hazards that may arise. All sample points are continuously

pumped, ensuring that ‘fresh’ sample arrives at the mass spectrometer when a

particular sample point is selected. With a comprehensive, automated report

generation suite within the software and full integration into the plant control

software, completely unmanned operation is possible. An outstanding

response of just 0.2s, coupled with a wide dynamic range from ppb levels to

percentage ensures that the most accurate real time monitoring and control is

achieved, and with an ATEX housing option, the system can be placed anywhere

on plant. Capable of monitoring virtually any gas species, Envirosafe™ is the

definitive, cost effective solution to on-plant monitoring of Hazardous species,

including volatiles, flammables and chlorinated compounds. The Envirosafe™

offers the following features in order to ensure full workplace compliance monitoring:

  • Fast Response – 0.2S response time gives the most accurate real time monitoring.

  • User Selectable sample times.

  • Full report generation suite, including time weighted averaging (TWA) per sample point, maximum and minimum levels and full statistical analysis. Time and Date stamped reports.

  • Data Storage in individual files for each sample point.

  • Ultra-low level detection.

  • Automated report generation and printout.

  • Designed for plant application.

  • Full alarm integration/klaxon/SCADA interfacing to ensure worker exposure level (WEL) is not breached.

  • Wireless operation option.

  • LAN Interfacing – instrument can be monitored / operated from plant control room.

  • Up to 64 Sample points (in banks of 10) all continuously pumped.

  • ATEX option.

  • User definable alarm levels for different areas of plant (eg Lower level in enclosed areas)

  • Automated calibration ensures integrity of results.

  • Ability to activate / deactivate sample points as required (e.g. switch off when areas of plant are not active).

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