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Spare Parts and Consumables

Spare Parts & Consumables

At ESS, we offer extremely high levels of support to all our customers.  Our instruments are designed to have a low cost of ownership, and our spare parts and consumables are reasonably priced to reflect this.

We also stock many spare parts for other Quadrupole manufacturers, in particular VG Quadrupoles instruments (We are the Global Specialists for these products and we also offer a comprehensive repair and upgrade service)

Spare parts include -

  • Filaments- VG Quadrupoles

  • Filaments- ESS Systems

  • Electron Multipliers- ESS Systems, VG Quadrupoles and other manufacturers, including Pfeiffer and MKS

  • Ceramics

  • Capillary inlet components

  • Membrane inlet components

  • Flanges

  • Fittings

  • Ferrules

  • Copper Gaskets

  • Viton Gaskets

  • Vacuum Seals

  • Pump spares

  • Pump Lubricants

  • Gloves

  • Service kits

For more information please contact us with details of your requirements 

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