Specials & Low Budget Systems

Bespoke / Special Design Systems

With over 30 years of industry experience, we at ESS provide full application support and help when in comes to selecting the most appropriate mass spectrometer system. In addition to the array of systems that are available, we also provide complete bespoke mass spectrometry systems for applications that are outside the scope of our standard systems.

At ESS we ensure to maintain the personal relationships we have with all of our customers throughout every stage from the inception of the project all the way through to the finished system and installation. This is to ensure we fully understand our customers’ needs and create bespoke systems that fulfil all of the application requirements of our customers.

Examples of the types of application areas that can be addressed are:

  • Glass Bulb Gas Analysis (Bulb Cracker Systems) with load chamber and bulb piercer
  • Ultra-High resolution instruments for He/D2 studies
  • Semiconductor bubbler containers preparation
  • Solar panel research/manufacture
  • Glazing gas fill purity monitoring
  • Flat screen fill gas purity monitoring
  • High Mass range applications
  • Safety critical Applications
  • Valve production
  • Bottle Filling on Production lines/checking for trace contaminants after washing
  • Military Systems
  • Submarine Gas Analysis and control

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Examples of the types of application areas that can be addressed are:

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Our experts will be happy to talk to you about your application and will always endeavour to not only meet but exceed your requests.